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The Raw Feeders Starter Kit

Make the transition to raw or fresh feeding and try out everything your dog might need to support great health.

  • Antioxidant-rich balancing pre-mix to go with raw or lightly cooked fresh protein

  • Algae-rich balancing pre-mix to go with raw or lightly cooked fresh protein

  • The Pep-Up gummy chew, a daily health mini-chew designed for optimum wellness

  • Cod & Plum, a superfood oil blend for skin, joint and brain health

Why Feed Raw?

There are at least two very good reasons. (Aside from the simple fact that typically, fresh food is better for us and them, than ultra-processed food.)

First, when dogs are given free access to food with different macronutrient profiles, they naturally select a diet with 30-45% protein, 51-63% fat, and
4-7% carbohydrates. When we compare this to kibble, the macronutrient profile becomes reversed with 50% carbohydrates.

And in case you’re wondering why we’d leave it to your dog to work out what they should eat, research shows that they, like a bunch of other species can optimise food selection for health. 

Second, feeding your dog a raw diet helps preserve the nutritional value of dog food and it avoids ultra-processing.

Considering the extreme heat and pressure involved in the extrusion process of kibble, studies have found that proteins and amino acids undergo substantial physical changes affecting bioavailablity as well as oxidative reactions Maillard reactions.

We want to avoid this by implementing a raw food diet!

Mounting evidence from peer-reviewed research articles emphasises the increased digestibility of raw dog food compared to kibble. 

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