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Health benefits of raw for dogs & cats

Why we're anti-kibble

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Dogs and cats are living longer.

Anxiety, stress, itchy skin, bad breath, stiff joints, cognitive decline, and low energy are common.

We give you simple functional supplements to help them age WELL.

Bestie Thera-Chews™️

Therapeutic mini chews fed like a treat.

Targeting everything from anxiety to cognitive decline, Bestie Thera-Chews™️ are small chews for small dogs.

They give your dog the right amount of clinically effective active ingredients in one powerful mini chew.

Made using natural ingredients, they're gently produced using cold extrusion technology, in a unique process we developed with the help of CSIRO Kickstart.

With gelatin, rich in amino acids that support joint and brain health, and collagen-rich bone broth,they're also yummy and gummy!

No mess. No fuss. No refusal.

Raw feeding balancers

The easy way to make nutritionally complete raw meals at home, and boost health. Australian native superfoods, herbs and algae extracts add extra antioxidants and functional metabolites.

Mix balancers with a bit of water. Add to muscle meat. Simple.

We start with the diet, because it really is the basis of good health.

A good diet can’t be good without great ingredients. We research widely, consult with our veterinary and nutritional experts and source carefully. We use Australian and organic ingredients where we can and focus on low temperature processing.

That's also why we go to great lengths to use whole foods. They provide arangeof vitamins and minerals, co-factors and enzymes including biologically active plant-food components called phytonutrients.

The results make vets happy

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