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Here’s how my journey to bestie began…

When my partner Michael and I rescued our two little dogs Alfy and Mondoe over 14 years ago, we began a journey of care for the rest of their lives. They lived to the ages of 21 and 22. 

We were heartbroken when they had to leave this world, but we were happy we'd made their lives happy for so many years. 

From a dog that flinched when you touched him (Mondoe) to a dog that was so anxious he couldn't get enough of you (Alfy), they became happy little guys who had so much character and resilience. They gave us so much joy as well.

I know that if you're reading this, the chances are you feel the same depth of love and responsibility for your fur kids. 

Throughout our years of pet parenting, we were always looking for what else we could do to help Alfy and Mondoe have great lives. Good food was a big part of that, and the quest for good food led to the creation of bestie. 

What I've come to learn since then, though, is that good food and a walk isn't enough. The combination of nutrition and enrichment with mental and physical exercise is so much more powerful together. That’s why we began work on the bestie health club app - to support you in caring for your dog beyond just food.

We hope you’ll join us, and start to see the same benefits countless others have.

Amanda Falconer, founder.

Here's what we're serious about


We'd love to be big enough to do our own clinical research trials into nutraceuticals. (One day!) Until then, we base our formulations on peer-reviewed, published research and the expertise of our trusted holistic vets and animal nutrition partners. Read more about the research that powers our decisions.


We're proud to work with and be supported by a host of Australian experts and organisations, from the CSIRO under its Kick-Start Program, to FIAL, Jobs for NSW and AMGC.  

Our nutraceutical formulations are developed by holistic vet Dr. Kathy Cornack, based on peer-reviewed research and her 35 years of experience in complementary medicine for small animals. 

We also worked with CSIRO to develop the bestie gummy chew, based on gelatin, which inhibits inflammation and breakdown of the cartilage matrix.


At the end of the day, things need to work - but keep in mind that many of our products will work over time, not overnight. If you follow our suggestions and things don't improve, then we really want to know. (And we'll refund you.)

"I love this product! The ingredients are fantastic and great quality. My dog can be picky, but she absolutely loves the Allrounder and licks every last bit from the bowl. I love to know too that I’m feeding a complete balanced meal - and it's so easy to do!"

Dr. Sophie Dyson, vet


We're always working on sustainability. From ingredients and packaging to processing and shipping, bestie keeps sustainability at the forefront. We currently have initiatives underway to convert to solar, recycle our water and offset any carbon emissions. We’re also striving towards status as a B-corp.  Sustainability is a work-in-progress.

Sources + Practices

We use natural, Australian ingredients wherever we can, with an emphasis on organic sourcing wherever possible. We also seek out native Australian foods where it makes a difference. We do our best to keep temperatures low across our supply chain and in our own processing. Perhaps best of all, we do it all right here in Australia.


At the root of it all, we believe in keeping things simple. We want things to be as good as they can without a bunch of faffing around. That means no overly processed food, no complicated preparation and a smooth web experience.

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