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Bestie Anxiety: Thera-Chews™️ for Anxious Dogs

Bestie Anxiety is a therapeutic mini chew, that can help reduce anxious behaviour.

Each therapeutic chew has a powerful blend of amino acids, pro and postbiotics and antioxidant-rich herbs. 

  • Valerian for calming effect
  • L-tryptophan for feel-good serotonin
  • L-theanine for relaxation with alertness
  • Pro and postbiotics for gut-brain link

It works by:

  • Improving gut health.
  • Reducing oxidative stress.
  • Helping neurotransmitters.

But it's also yummy and gummy! And the perfect size for small and older dogs. Thera-Chews™️ are the small chews for small dogs!

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      Hero Actives

      Pro & postbiotics for gut-brain link

      Valerian for calming effect

      L-tryptophan for feel-good serotonin

      L-theanine for relaxation with alertness

      Highly therapeutic formula, based on research

      Bestie Anxiety per 5g

      • 100.5mg l-tryptophan
      • 100.5mg valerian
      • 93mg l-theanine
      • 24mg probiotic blend
      • 7.5mg hawthorn
      • 846mg nutritional yeast
      • Plus other whole food ingredients:
      • tilia cordata, pomegranate, and tapioca starch, gelatin, sun ower oil, organic vegetable glycerine, beef bone broth, prebiotic carrot fibre, water, salt, sunflower lecithin.

      Leading competitor per 5g

      • 180mg tryptophan
      • 3.85ug B12
      • 3.14mg B5
      • .45mg B1
      • .29mg B6
      • Plus other ingredients including synthetics:
      • vitamins A & E, K3, B2, B7, copper sulphate, iron sulphate, manganese oxide, calcium iodate, zinc sulphate, selenium, omega 3, ascobic acid, dimethylsufone, guar gum, glycerine, naturox, fish meal, rye flour, soy flour, sodium chloride, pectin, sodium stearyl lactylate, turmeric extract, hydrolysed vegetable protein powder, acetic acid, smokey beef flavour, potassium sorbate, water.

      Fed like treats.

      No mess. No fuss. No refusal.

      Anxiety is serious

      75% of dogs have some kind of anxiety and it typically doesn't go away on its own.

      Is your dog anxious?

      Think about how your dog behaves, do any of these sound like your dog - all or some of the time?

      Gets terrified when there's a stormFollows you around like a shadow, and doesn't have lots of periods of independence? Barks, scratches, chews things, or makes an escape, while you're away? Cowers, growls, avoids or even attacks other dogs? Gets freaked out or startled (more than you'd expect) by loud household sounds?Is frightened meeting new people, at first? Humps madly??

      And how do they go at the vet? Do they:

      Get scared when they get looked at?Act really excited and jumps up and down? Need a muzzle to be looked at? Cower and hide under the chair in the waiting room? Try to escape out the door of the vet? Squirm madly when they get an injection?

      These are all signs of anxiety. Left unchecked they only get worse. Anxiety is not something that dogs grow out of. And research trials show that you can help reduce this anxious behaviour with the right dietary supplements.

      Anxiety can lead to aggression.

      Experts say that when a dog bites, it's never really out of the blue. Long before that event, there will have been signals. 

      Turid Rugaas, a canine behaviorist from Norway, developed the Stress Escalation Ladder, to illustrate what signs we see in our dogs as their stress elevates - so we can intervene, before they get out of control.For instance, did you know that your dog yawning means they are stressed and not tired? They are things that dogs do, like yawning, looking away or licking their lips, that tell you that they're a little anxious right now, and they're trying to settle themselves down again. In fact, calming signals are the second stage of the 'stress escalation ladder', and often go unnoticed or are misunderstood.

      Anxiety is a chronic stress.

      Did you know that anxiety is a type of stress?

      Stress of one kind or another – fear of thunderstorms, separation anxiety, stranger fear – can set off a complex chain of events.

      For example, a dog with thunderstorm phobia living in a storm-prone area, would have a stress response every time there’s a storm. A dog suffering from separation anxiety would react every time they were left alone.

      These dogs can suffer chronic, repeated and uncontrolled stressful episodes that would often build and worsen over a lifetime.

      This can shorten your dog's life...among other things. Chronic stress is associated with high levels of cortisol in the blood stream, which in turn has been related to a number of human disorders including obesity, insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, immune disturbances, altered endocrine responses and nervous system disorders. 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 37 reviews
      Dog Mumma of 2
      What was the reason you switched to bestie...was there something going on health-wise?:: One slightly anxious rescue dog and one anxious moany groany 2 & 1/2 year old dog.
      Too early to tell…

      I’m giving a 2 & 1/2 star to my review- But only because I haven’t been using it long enough to see any result.

      I decided to try both the Stress chews and the Anxiety chews after experiencing a reasonable degree of success with the Skin chews on my white Poodle- Bichon X who was always chewing at her feet. The success I’ve experienced there has been a reduction in itching and chewing (this is not yet totally resolved) and a 100% resolution of the horrible red-brown stains on the fur on her feet and under her eyes. The decrease in eye discharge and hence red tear stains was an unexpected but welcome surprise. Even the vet is astonished that she no longer has any degree of red-brown coloured fur. It took about 40 days of the chews before I noticed the difference.

      So, bolstered by this success, I decided to try these chews for both my Poodle- Bichon X and, in particular, my anxious Feather coat Cavoodle, As it is only two weeks in, there hasn’t been enough time pass to determine if these chews have been successful, hence my low number rating.

      To the Bestie Team - some suggestions for you to consider please:
      - Please put the name of the chew on the actual bag that they come in and not just the tin. My reason for requesting this is because when you have your dog/s on several of the chews, and it’s meal time, and you have them out on the bench so they can be cut up small to add to the meal (my dogs absolutely won’t eat these chews unless they have been cut up small and I literally hide them by mixing them with the other meal ingredients), it’s easy to become muddled and think which nameless bag of chews goes into which named tin.

      - it would be great if you could investigate the possibility of these chews coming in a powder form that could be added to the dog’s meal. This would be very appealing for the dog owners who have very fussy dogs who won’t tolerate the chews, no matter how fine they may be cut up.

      Great to hear the progress report...and yes, 2 weeks probably not enough to see much of a difference...although every dog is different and some respond within a week. Re your suggestions/other feedback; we appreciate those and I'll respond in more detail about what we're doing in a PM. Thanks!

      Saly Blake
      What was the reason you switched to bestie...was there something going on health-wise?:: No see above
      Mr Theo

      My vet recommended Bestie for Theo as when I rescued him and subsequent adopted him he was suffering from severe anxiety after 6 months on the Bestied together with lots of love he is now a happy little dog but I intend to continue with them for a while

      That's great to hear; so glad to have helped make a difference with that anxiety.

      Angela Hudson
      What was the reason you switched to bestie...was there something going on health-wise?:: Anxious doggo
      Bestie anxiety chews for dogs

      These have helped reduce stress symptoms in my highly reactive and anxious blue heeler, she is also more responsive to her training

      That's great to hear! The combo of training and the chews can often be a really good one.

      What was the reason you switched to bestie...was there something going on health-wise?:: All natural
      Perfect for anxiety - all natural

      My dog has been on these for over a year - due to her being deaf and a rescue - she is a very nervous dog. I have tried for a period of time not giving these , but her anxiety increases and she becomes very nervy. When on them she is more calm - not perfect and never will be - but they definitely help take the edge off her stress levels - they do work but it’s definitely not an overnight fix

      Thanks for sharing your experience with the Anxiety chews and your nervous dog...great to hear that they DO work, and yes's something that's not overnight and also needs to be maintained. Thanks for sticking with it.

      Zephanie Jordan

      This breed is known to be anxious. Cooper loves Bestie Anxiety mini chews. I love that we are supporting an Australian business. Keep it up Bestie!

      That's excellent! Thanks for sharing that...big hugs to Cooper...he looks like he's having a great time, and we look forward to helping with his anxiety over time.

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