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The ALLROUNDER Balancing Topper for Dogs

Meat alone doesn't give dogs all they need. Add the Bestie Allrounder Topper to any raw or cooked meat to make a nutrient-packed complete and balanced meal.

This superfood dog supplement contains 22 all-natural, whole food ingredients rich in amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants to support joints, gut and immune system health in your puppy or adult dog.

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    More of the nutrients that promote wellness

    18 times the vitamin C* - from natural sources like native Kakadu Plum, not synthetics. Dogs can synthesis vitamin C themselves BUT their ability to do this diminishes as they age or if they're stressed.

    Almost 12 times the vitamin A*,important for vision, bone, teeth, skin

    8 times the vitamin E*,to help defend against oxidative damage.

    More of the really beneficial fatty acids, EPA and DHA from green lipped mussel and cod liver oil, to help reduce inflammation.

    17000 umol/kg of antioxidants- other brands don't even measure them!

    Built in pre and probioticsfor good gut health.

    * Compared to a leading European BARF supplement


    MCHA bone meal, beef bone broth, hempseed meal, wheatgrass, cod liver oil, nutritional yeast, Algaecal (algae-derived calcium), shiitake mushroom, organic pumpkin, Norwegian kelp, carrot, papaya, sweet potato, mixed vegetable powder, green lipped mussel, iodised salt, bacillus coagulans 15bn (probiotic), sunflower lecithin, carrot fibre, organic nettle, Kakadu plum, manuka honey.

    Metabolisable energy 3466kcal/kg, protein 22%, fat 9%, fibre 10%, ash 8%, ORAC umol17000/kg*, calcium 20g/kg, phosphorus 10g/kg, chondroitin 2,699mg/kg*, vitamin C 360mg/kg*, vitamin A 11,642 RAE/kg

    *Nutrients not recognised by AAFCO as essential.

    Just add water, meat, mix and serve. When you're in the swing, you'll think it's as convenient as biscuits from a bag. (But better for health.)

    Plus, our feed calculator app takes the guesswork away. It gives you the right feed quantities, tailored to your dog and the proteins you're feeding.

    Super concentrated: other leading brands are 25% of the meal, bestie does the job in 5% - for adults.

    Made from 100% human-grade ingredients here in Australia.

    Uses Australian ingredients where possible, and low temperature processing

    Super simple to make: just add water, mix and add to meat

    Can be frozen in bulk meals.

    Health benefits for dogs and cats

    After a while on the bestie Allrounder, people report their dogs have more energy and typically lose weight and become leaner. Plus, their coats are shinier, their guts are happier, and their poos are smaller and less stinky. Now that's a good thing!

    The extra nutrients in the Allrounder also help with what researchers call inflammaging.Inflammaging is a chronic stimulation of the immune system and reduced ability to respond to infections or stresses.Ageing dogs get it, just like people.

    But, while ageing is unavoidable, nutritional intervention can delay and reduce the inflammaging effect.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 132 reviews

    First time user of this product and not the last, my 3 dogs love it, lick their bowls clean 😋

    Dog Mumma of 2
    What was the reason you switched to bestie...was there something going on health-wise?:: 3 year old anxious needy girl, probably due to no dog socialising as a pup thanks to covid and lockdowns.
    Too early yet but keeping on…

    Ruby has been on the Stress Thera Chew & the Anxiety Thera Chew for 1/12 now. I haven’t noticed any benefit yet but that’s probably because I’ve just realised that I’ve been under dosing her with 1 chew instead of 2!

    Thanks for the pics! The Balancer looks like it's going well...

    Susan Wilson
    What was the reason you switched to bestie...was there something going on health-wise?:: Trying to get a good balance of extras
    Bestie is best

    Easy addition to my dogs raw food diet

    Excellent! That's great to hear. Thank you.

    What was the reason you switched to bestie...was there something going on health-wise?:: Decided to try raw feeding
    All in one

    Decided to switch my dog over to raw but couldn’t find a product that offered all the extra nutrients when feeding raw until I found Beastie allrounder - easy to use with scoop provided - mix into raw and serve - no disputes from my dog with this product

    Excellent! That's great to hear.

    Annie O
    Best product

    This product helped my pug who has no muscle tone. The change in her is amazing and it was noticed after 4 weeks of using this product. Also has stopped her licking her feet.

    That's excellent! Thanks for letting us know. We hope this improvement continues; glad it's made a difference. Would love to see pics!

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