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The HYPOALLERGENIC Balancing Topper

Improve your dog's gut-skin health with the hypoallergenic, algae-packed raw feeding topper you add to meat, to make complete and balanced meals. 17 whole-foods  deliver extra key nutrients that support good gut and skin health, so that making hypoallergenic meals is no longer hit and miss.


  • Biologically active marine algal extracts that strengthen innate and adaptive immune responses and enhance the barrier function of the intestinal mucosa.
  • Spirulina, a blue-green algae that enhances immune and gut health
  • Sunflower and hempseeds for omega 6 & 3 fatty acids to promote coat and skin health
  • Norwegian cod liver oil and DHA GOLD algae extract for DHA & EPA fatty acids to reduce inflammation and support joint and brain health


Size: 500g

Nutrients that support the gut-skin connection

Biologically active marine algal extracts that strengthen innate and adaptive immune responses and enhance the barrier function of the intestinal mucosa.

Spirulina, a blue-green algae that enhances immune and gut health

Sunflower and hempseedsfor omega 6 & 3 fatty acids to promote coat and skin health

Olive fruit extract, rich in polyphenolic compounds to act as a prebiotic (along with carrot fibre), and an antibacterial

Cod liver oil and algae for DHA & EPA fatty acids to reduce inflammation and support joint and brain health

Sunflower lecithin for choline from to support neurological health and help absorption of essential fatty acids

Nutritional yeast for B-complex vitaminsto help reduce inflammation

As well as kale, pumpkin, carrot, shiitake and kelp for key micronutrients


Nutritional yeast, ALGAECAL algae-based calcium, sunflower meal, NINJIN carrot fibre, pumpkin powder, carrot powder, cod liver oil, ALGIMUN algae-extract, olive fruit extract, shiitake mushroom powder, spirulina, DHA GOLD algae extract fatty acid, hemp protein powder, iodised salt, mixed vegetable powder (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower), seaweed meal, nettle.

Metabolisable energy 3364kcal/kg, protein 15%, fat 16%, fibre 18%, ash 5%.

Just add water, meat, mix and serve. When you're in the swing, you'll think it's as convenient as biscuits from a bag. (But better for health.)

Check out the feed table below for quantities. For a rough rule of thumb, add 10g of bestie HYPOALLERGENIC for every 90g of meat.

Made in Australia using Australian ingredients where possible, and low temperature processing.

Super simple to make: just add water, mix and add to meat

Can be frozen in bulk meals.

Rashes and itchy skin more common

"The prevalence of canine atopic dermatitis in developed countries has been growing constantly over the last few decades. Genetic predisposition represents only part of the problem, and environmental factors are believed to be an important boost to the rapid rise in atopic dogs.

Although a complete understanding of the gut–skin axis has not yet been achieved, a growing number of studies demonstrate a close relationship between gastrointestinal imbalance and skin diseases."

What do we see? Commonly, rashes and itchy skin.

Not only that, while it often starts seasonally, as time progresses, it becomes year-round, and more severe. Secondary infections, both bacterial and yeast, frequently develop as self-trauma and inflammation makes the skin more vulnerable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Augustine S.

The HYPOALLERGENIC Balancing Topper

Carole B.
What was the reason you switched to bestie...was there something going on health-wise?:: Started Betsy on Bestie when I adopted her because I knew it was good quality food
Yay for Bestie's

Betsy and I both love all the products we get from you Amanda, that's why
we keep buying them :)

Thank you Carole!!

jan s.

Excellent as always. It's easy to manage my recurring order, product quality is always on point and my boy is healthy and happy.

Great to hear! Thank you.

Lauren J.
What was the reason you switched to bestie...was there something going on health-wise?:: Skin and dietary allergies
More energy on hypo-allergenic

I have a dog with environmental and dietary allergies and is on a limited kangaroo and veg diet. It's only been a month since I started adding the hypo-allergenic balancer to my dogs food but he seems alot more spritely and energetic since starting it. It's really nice having a product that balances a strict protein diet. I was worried that he was missing out on essential minerals and vitamins but now I feel more confident I am meeting his nutritional requirements. Will absolutely buy again.

Great to hear this is making a difference and gives you some peace of mind...thanks for letting us know.

Dorina P.
Can’t rate yet

I tried few things in the same time,including the balancer,and she is still scratching,but the skin looks a bit better.
Thank you.

Thanks for your persistence...itchy skin is often a 'multi-factorial' problem...and may take a little time and multiple approaches.


Guidi, E.E.A.; Gramenzi, A.; Persico, P.; Di Prinzio, R.; Di Simone, D.; Cornegliani, L. Effects of Feeding a Hypoallergenic Diet with a Nutraceutical on Fecal Dysbiosis Index and Clinical Manifestations of Canine Atopic Dermatitis. Animals 2021, 11, 2985.

Marsella, R.; De Benedetto, A. Atopic Dermatitis in Animals and People: An Update and Comparative Review. Vet. Sci. 2017, 4, 37.

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