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"If you've ever felt frustrated or uncertain as a pet parent, then we know how you feel. I will never forget the day that bestie’s consulting vet, Dr. Kathy, explained the four essentials of holistic health to me. The penny dropped. And I just wanted to share it in a way that was useful. 

The bestie health club app is currently in beta testing, but we have a big vision. We hope you'll join us on the journey, and help give our pets (and ourselves!) even healthier, happier lives.

Here's what you can do on the app today."

Amanda Falconer, founder.

Discover what's going on with your dog

Our vet-designed assessment helps uncover the behaviour and signs that may point to health issues you didn't know about - or thought were something else.

Adapt your custom plan for ongoing improvement

If you're adding our health boosters to your dog's diet, we'll ask you to do a wellness check-in. (You can do it any time, but we'll remind you fortnightly.)

This will help keep you and your pet on track. Based on your answers, you'll get vet feedback about what to do next. 

Ask a question of our vets

Sometimes you want an answer but it's not enough for a vet consultation. (Or you think you may not get the space to talk through your concerns.)

Ask any question, any time.* 

Get tips about holistic health

If you had no idea that your dog needs a job to be happy, then join the club. (Literally.) We didn't either. 

It turns out that dogs live richer, happier, more fulfilled lives when they have jobs to do, rules to follow, and mental well as that walk in the park! With bestie health club, you can learn what you didn't know and prevent what you can't see, all in a supportive environment.

Join the bestie® health club now to explore what we have, and offer feedback and ideas for what you'd like to see!"

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