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Bestie Stress: Thera-Chews™️ for Immune Support

Bestie Stress is a therapeutic mini chew, that can help support the immune system.

Each therapeutic chew has a powerful blend of adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms. 

  • Astragalus & ashwagandha for stress resistance
  • Reishi, Maitake and Shiitake for immune boosting
  • Papaya and marigold for antioxidants

It works by:

  • Reducing oxidative stress.
  • Improving stress resistance.
  • Strengthening the immune system

But it's also yummy and gummy! And the perfect size for small and older dogs. Thera-Chews™️ are the small chews for small dogs!

    Size: 60 chews

    Hero Actives

    • Astragalus & ashwagandha for stress resistance
    • Reishi, Maitake and Shiitake for immune boosting
    • Papaya and marigold for antioxidants

    Highly therapeutic formula, based on research

    Bestie Anxiety per 5g

    • 122mg papaya concentrate
    • 195mg marigold extract
    • 39mg ashwagandha extract
    • 19.5 astragalus extract
    • 7.5mg reishi extract
    • 6mg maitake extract
    • 6mg shiitake extract
    • Plus other whole food ingredients:
    • tapioca starch, gelatin, sun ower oil, organic vegetable glycerine, beef bone broth, prebiotic carrot fibre, water, salt, sunflower lecithin.

    Fed like treats.

    No mess. No fuss. No refusal.

    Do you know the signs of stress?

    Itchy skin, ear infections, and sneezing can all be symptoms of your dog's chronic stress and an under-performing immune system.

    Common stress triggers

    Did you know that…a change in season can be stressful on your dog's immune system? That's because the body - which is a bit like its own ecosystem - has to change how it's regulating. It's not easy going from keeping a body cool in summer and then having to switch to suddenly keep in the warmth in winter.

    Seasonal changes are recognised as being associated with health conditions in some traditional systems of medicine like TCM or Ayurveda. Change of season, or extreme climatic conditions are a good time to give your dog extra support. 

    And if you've been going through these life stressors - moving house, going on holiday, having a change in the family (new partner, baby etc), getting sick? - then research shows your dog has become stressed in sync too.

    Good stress. Bad stress.

    'Good stress', known as eustress, is a positive cognitive response to stress that's healthy - your dog's engaged, happy, and learning. A little bit of stress makes us stronger! While the stress response is a normal part of daily life, it's harmful when triggered too intensely or for too long - and then it becomes bad stress or distress.

    What happens with bad stress? Well, in simple terms, the effects of stress on the immune system may shift from immunoenhancement to immunosuppression.The immune system can forget how to function normally. (It's called immune dysregulation.) The system needs a Pep-Up!

    Not only that, but chronic stress is associated with high levels of cortisol in the blood stream, which in turn has been related to a number of human disorders including obesity, insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, immune disturbances, altered endocrine responses and nervous system disorders. Research also shows that chronic stress from anxiety disorders is associated with shortened lifespan in dogs.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Saly B.
    What was the reason you switched to bestie...was there something going on health-wise?:: As stated above the Vet prescribed due to Anxiety when I first adopted him

    When I first adopted Theo he was sufferings from anxiety and the vet prescribed Bestie Anxiety over the last 7 months his whole life has changed I was his 4th home and combined with the Besties lots of love and attention
    And training his behaviour has really changed he receives 1/2 Besties morning and nite and he thinks they are treats I am not sure this change can be put entirely down to the Besties but I think they have helped

    That's great to hear! I'm sure it's the whole package of things that have helped...dogs are often so stressed and anxious when they've come from that rescue situation so good on you and glad for Theo to have found you.❤️

    Dog M.o.2.

    Too early to tell…

    I’m giving a 2 & 1/2 star to my review- But only because I haven’t been using it long enough to see any result.

    I decided to try both the Stress chews and the Anxiety chews after experiencing a reasonable degree of success with the Skin chews on my white Poodle- Bichon X who was always chewing at her feet. The success I’ve experienced there has been a reduction in itching and chewing (this is not yet totally resolved) and a 100% resolution of the horrible red-brown stains on the fur on her feet and under her eyes. The decrease in eye discharge and hence red tear stains was an unexpected but welcome surprise. Even the vet is astonished that she no longer has any degree of red-brown coloured fur. It took about 40 days of the chews before I noticed the difference.

    So, bolstered by this success, I decided to try these chews for both my Poodle- Bichon X and, in particular, my anxious Feather coat Cavoodle, As it is only two weeks in, there hasn’t been enough time pass to determine if these chews have been successful, hence my low number rating.

    Thanks for your fairness and willingness to try...

    Dogs love this!

    My dogs are so excited when I bring out the Bestie chews. This is another palatable and enjoyable chew for them and they thoroughly enjoy it.

    That's such great feedback...thank you! And glad they love them.

    Corey C.
    Amazing product.

    Our dog loves this and often gets an upset stomach with new foods but not with Pep-up! Highly recommend.

    Excellent! Great to hear...thank you.

    DEB G.
    The Pep Up

    Bestie has been so easy to deal with. They offer different products to suit your dog's issues.

    Thanks so much! Best wishes to Bindi...

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