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Get your puppy started on the right paw

Puppies are seriously cute, but even playful behavior can hint at things to watch for. They’re actually under a lot of stress as puppies. Think about it: leaving mum and littermates, moving into a new home, with new people…

The seeds of anxiety can be so easily sown at this time, especially as puppies go through their ‘fear stages’. Anxiety typically gets worse, not better, as they age into adulthood -- so now is the time to form a strong, confident, calm foundation. The Chill-Pup  bestie health booster can help with that. 

Support adult dogs as they mature

As your dog grows into adulthood, inflammatory conditions may begin to rear their heads, with itchy skin and unhealthy the effects of poor oral health.

If there’s been a change in parents or homes along the way then the chances of anxiety are also high, with an ongoing stress reaction. All of these have long-term health impacts, but you CAN limit them if not outright prevent them with our Pep-Up,Smooch orOmbestie health boosters.

Give seniors a great quality of life

By the time they reach seniorhood, many ageing dogs will show signs of ‘inflammageing’: a chronic stimulation of the immune system and a reduced ability to respond to infections or stress. 

They may also begin to show signs of a very human-like doggy dementia. The bestie Einstein health booster is specially formulated to combat mental decline and the Pep-Up to support the immune system.

Modern dogs are also more likely to...

Did you know that a dog’s lifespan has increased by about 10% and cats 4% between 2002 and 2012? While that’s very often a good thing for those who love them, dogs with poor health who live even longer ultimately suffer longer, too.

It’s as bad for them as it is for us. Up to 59% of dogs and cats are overweight, and it’s essentially a state of chronic inflammation, which leads to a host of diseases, like cardiorespiratory, endocrine, metabolic, orthopaedic and urogenital disorders, body dysfunction, and cancer. (You can read more about the impact of obesity here.)

Anxious behaviour
Anxiety is very common. One research study has shown that about 72% of dogs show at least one sign of anxiety? Anxiety is a type of chronic stress that it doesn't resolve on its own, and typically gets worse. It can shorten your dog’s life, cause a number of immune and nervous system disorders, not to mention the behavioural issues that could put a strain on your relationship.

Pro-inflammatory diets
The high temperature processing associated with kibble production reduces bioavailability of some nutrients and results in higher advanced glycation end products (AGE), that can cause widespread inflammation in the body. (You can read more about that here.)

These risk factors are a recipe for poor health, but multiple research studies shows that nutraceutical supplements can help stop or slow many of these conditions, like anxiety, cognitive decline, inflammatory conditions, gut issues, joint health and mobility.

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