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Ultra-processed food, excess weight, less movement, and living longer.
Those factors are playing havoc with our health...and our dogs.

Help give your puppy a great start

Puppies are actually under a lot of stress as puppies. Think about it: leaving mum and littermates, moving into a new home, with new people…

The seeds of anxiety can be so easily sown at this time, especially as puppies go through their ‘fear stages’. Anxiety typically gets worse, not better, as they age into adulthood -- so now is the time to form a strong, confident, calm foundation. The Bestie Puppy health chew can help with that. 

Support adult dogs as they mature

As your dog grows into adulthood, inflammatory conditions may begin to rear their heads, with itchy skin and unhealthy the effects of poor oral health.

If there’s been a change in parents or homes along the way then the chances of anxiety are also high, with an ongoing stress reaction. All of these have long-term health impacts, but you CAN limit them if not outright prevent them with our Stress,Breath  orAnxiety or Skinhealth chews.



Helps your dog be less anxious and stressed. Anxiety doesn't go away on its own!



Helps reduce bad doggie breath - halitosis - and improve oral health.


Helps support your dog's skin health, with postbiotics and algal extracts.

Give seniors a great quality of life

By the time they reach seniorhood, many ageing dogs will show signs of ‘inflammageing’: a chronic stimulation of the immune system and a reduced ability to respond to infections or stress. 

They may also begin to show signs of a very human-like doggy dementia. The bestie Senior health chew is specially formulated to combat mental decline and the Stress to support the immune system.

Enrichment is an essential part of good heath for dogs. But as dogs get older, and less physically capable, how can we help keep our senior dog's brain healthy and delay mental decline?

Here are some simple ways to provide mental stimulation to senior dogs, which can help keep their minds active and engaged.

A dog needs different forms of stimulation to promote their physical and mental well-being, and a balance of continuous stimulation throughout their life. Let’s talk about different methods of enrichment that you can use,  and most importantly, how you can apply these tools for your pet.
Nearly 80% of dogs over the age of eight are affected by osteoarthritis, a multifactorial disease causing the joints to deteriorate. Including certain probiotics, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants in your dog’s diet has a significant role in helping prevent excess cartilage damage. We explain why.

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